About Hunt 4 Life Foundation

The Founding

Founder Mark Neumann

Founder Mark Neumann

Mark Neumann, of Dousman Wisconsin, is the founder and chairman of Hunt 4 Life Foundation, Inc. He is a man of faith, committed to Jesus Christ and His mission. For 30+ years Mark’s real job has been a full-time Financial Advisor with Northwestern Mutual. Although he loves his career, he’s always looking for ways to impact people’s lives. He approached some of his buddies in 2004 with the idea of having a fun and competitive hunting event to raise money for charity. The idea was patterned after popular large “scramble” golfing events but he wanted to take advantage of the passion that hunters have for their sport and tap into a new fund raising mechanism. His buddies enthusiastically supported the idea and a volunteer team was formed.

In February of 2005 the first Sportsman's Charity Hunt was held to benefit Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA). The first year $15,000 was raised. Each year more prizes and fun games are added to the excitement and draw of this special day. Things like Tagged Chuckers to win a gun, the infamous Black Rooster, Annie Oakley, and Rooster Blackjack add to the competitive excitement of the day!  

Over the years we've expanded the beneficiaries to include a number of other great causes. Hunt 4 Life Foundation is officially registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Gross donations exceeded $100,000 for the first time at our 2016 event! The hunt involves team foursomes participating in 3 separate events including a 20 bird hunt, 200 round sporting clay course shoot out, and a 50 target flurry shoot off the elevated 5 stand. Teams pay an entry fee and then compete to score the highest number of points for all three events. Great food (continental breakfast, lunch, appetizers and dinner) is enjoyed all day... You won't go away hungry! A host of games, raffles and drawings are conducted throughout the day to raise more money for the causes. It's an absolute, one-of-a-kind day!


The Mission of Hunt 4 Life Foundation

At Hunt 4 Life Foundation we are truly grounded in the belief that at some point every person is searching to figure out their true purpose in life. Why does God have us here to begin with? We believe the total answer to that question can be simply found in God's two greatest commandments. First, to love God with all your heart, soul and mind and the second, to love your neighbor as yourself (Matthew 22:36-39). We believe the more we focus on living out these two commandments, the more fulfilled and purposeful our lives will be. So, simply stated, at Hunt 4 Life Foundation, we believe we are all on a Hunt 4 Life! Come and join us on the hunt!