Packer Hall of Famer, Leroy Butler helps raise Money for Hunt 4 Life Foundation causes

Packer Hall of Famer, Leroy Butler helps raise Money for Hunt 4 Life Foundation causes

One of the many highlights of the 19th annual Hunt 4 Life Sportsman’s Charity Hunt was having former Green Bay Packer LeRoy Butler as a guest. Butler was actively engaged in the event and said he was encouraged by other Green Bay Packers who attended the event in the past. Past Green Bay Packer participants include Gilbert Brown, Ahman Green, Jerry Kramer, Ty Montgomery, and Don Majkowski.

“I had the opportunity to talk to some of the guys who have done Hunt 4 Life, but actually going to the event and attending it was nothing less than awesome. It was nothing less than overwhelming to see a group raise money for those who have served in the military that quite frankly they might never meet. My mom always said, ‘Help somebody today that you’ve never met, and it will help make the world a better place.’ I got to do the Hunt 4 Life event and my mom would sure be proud of their work.”

LeRoy Butler, Former Green Back Packer
LeRoy Butler
Green Bay Packer LeRoy Butler speaking at Hunt 4 Life Event

Having the backing of Packer players like LeRoy Bulter is valuable. Over the years, the Hunt 4 Life Foundation has found that the local community appreciates seeing their sports heroes, generating excitement among the hunters. Green Bay Packers involvement and support in H4FL has not only energized the crowd but also encouraged them to rally behind our cause.

Over $800k was raised in the single-day Sportsman’s Charity Hunt in 2023. Among other causes, enough funds were raised to send 10 military couples to participate in Operation Heal Our Patriots (OHOP), which ministers to wounded veterans and their spouses who need healing or a fresh start. Also, $350k was raised for LifeCampUSA, which is a 501c3 ministry that brings support, inner strength, and purposeful direction to the lives of young men who have lost their fathers due to their U.S. Military, Law Enforcement, or First Responder service.

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